I’m a storyteller. Let me help you tell yours.

I’ve fought being a writer pretty much all of my adult life. I wanted a practical job that was easy to explain. Take teaching: practical, sacrificial and totally exhausting. But everyone gets teaching.

Before I was officially an adult, I wrote unapologetically. Letters to penpals, short stories for the young writers’ conference, love poems to boys I never dated, emotionally charged journal entries from the introspective mind of a quiet teenager, angry essays about a black-and-white faith, satire of disillusionment with public education.

An English professor in college once told me I was a good writer. It was at that moment when I realized writing had been the common thread for me throughout my education. My first love, so to speak. At that time, I figured I should be an English major, which meant I ended up teaching high school English for a few years.

As an English teacher, I got to write very little, but grew leaps and bounds as a grammar snob — which means I am also a great editor.

Traveling to India and working for a non-profit, where I lived for a couple of years, renewed my passion for writing and I haven’t stopped since. My favorite things to write are travel essays and human-interest articles. I love telling stories and helping people tell their stories, whether it’s in printed words or multimedia.

I’ve learned to explain what I do, even if it’s not the most practical of jobs. I’m a writer. And, I’ll always be a writer. Most of the time that means I write, but I also edit, teach and consult.

I’ve spent almost all of my life in the American South, except for two years in India and six weeks in London, England. Currently, I live in Seattle, Washington. There’s a lot to say, and my story is still being written. You can find me blogging at CoffeeAndCondensation.com.

Do you need a writer? My professional experience includes journalismteaching and marketing & development. I’d love to work with you on your big or small project — whether it’s a blog, brochure, newsletter, website or other media. Whether you know exactly what you want or you need help figuring out the next steps. I love being creative. So, let’s talk.

Please take a minute to browse the samples on the pages above and let me know if you have any questions. To reach me, use this contact form. Thanks for stopping by!